Buzz Patrol

Nope. I'm not planning to be a beekeeper anytime soon, although my heroine in SPLINTERED aspires to be one.   ;-)

I'm in charge of buzz patrol for my MS, so Agent Goddess asked me to post my
book trailer on YouTube. It was an interesting experience. I've never done anything like that before. It was fun though! I've figured out all the ins and outs finally, so if any of you ever need any tips, feel free to ask!

I haven't yet sent out spiders or tags into the blogasphere to make the video more visual to the internet world. For right now, I'm just sitting there quietly, in case a passing considering editor, friends, or family would like a peek. Once the book sells, I'm taking advantage of all of YouTube's publicity strategies. I'll do a post one of these days about the steps that involves.

As to any news about said book, we're having some good things going on w/my subs but I can't say anymore than that yet. Heehee. I promise to post about it the minute I can!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive weekend.

Why I left my first agent (or did she leave me?)...


If you'd like to know the answer to that teaser, I'm dishing the dirt (more like picking off lint balls) on a guest post over at Mindy McGinnis's blog, Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire, tomorrow.

Please join me there for some insights into when is a good time to throw in the towel with an agent and brave the big bad query waters again.

Playing with Windows Movie Maker...

Head over to my blogger post to view my first ever book trailer. Squee!

Kudos to Kevin Macleod for providing FREE royalty-free song clips for any artist at his website: All he asks is that you reference him or his website in the credits.

What a super nice guy! 

Also, photobucket has TONS of royalty-free pics so the only thing I spent today was time. And when you're having fun, you know how that flies!

Twit tips...

And no, I'm not giving out tips about how to be a twit. Although I have many years of experience in the field.

 I'm talking about Twitter. Hop over to my blogger sister spot to find out about an amazing blog that's giving out all sorts of helpful tips and lessons on tweeting, for FREE.

Looks like I'm going to make the twitter plunge one day soon. Are any of you already there? If so, I'd love to know your usernames so I can find you once I'm "IN."

(no subject)

Just a quick heads up of what I have planned for my new blogger blog. Starting next week, every Friday I'm going to do a series of success stories for writers who used or are using QueryTracker (like I did) to realize their publishing dreams.

I think you'll be surprised at some of the successful authors who got their start there. I was.

For example, anyone who's familiar with YA knows about this book:

The Hollow (The Hollow Trilogy)

But did you know that Jessica Verday used QueryTracker to help find her agent? Not saying I'm going to have her interview ... not saying I'm not either. Who knows what will unfold over the next few weeks?

I hope you'll join me over there. I'm looking forward to promoting my fellow QT-ers and to making new friends on blogger. ;-)

Making the move to bloggers-ville...

Hey guys! Anyone who's been following me here, please hop over to my new space over at Blogger (by the same blog title).

It's easier to follow and be followed there. I'll be keeping this LJ journal up for a while, too, just to ease the transition. So I'll be posting updates on news about SPLINTERED at both places (though it'll be duplicated posts).

Anyone who follows me over at Blogger, I'll do the same for you!

See you there. :-)