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I have an agent again!

Wow, last week was a whirlwind. Or maybe I should call it a windfall (of blessings). ;-) And this validation was sorely needed; I've been doubting myself ever since parting with my first agent back at the beginning of December (read story here). Now I know I did the right thing.

I started sending out queries around Decemember 9th. First round, I got four rejections on fulls and 12 rejections on queries alone. I still had out a few partials and fulls, but I wasn't very hopeful. Then suddenly, everything turned on its head:

2/8/11--Jenny Bent of The Bent Agency calls me, offering representation on SPLINTERED and all of my future books. She loves everything that my prior agent didn't like about my work. IOW, she GETS my fantasy. Yippee!

That same day, I send out notices to the other two agents reading the full that I have an offer... both agents get back to me immediately and assure me they'll be done reading by Friday, the deadline I've given for my decision.
2/9/11--Agent 2 calls and makes second offer. Woohoo!!

2/11/11--Agent 3 calls and makes third offer. AAACK!

Since I now have three to choose from, I contact each agent and extend my decision deadline to Monday the 14th. I take the weekend to research each agent's deals on PublishersMarketplace.  I also ask each one to take the weekend to read one more MS, the adult gothic literary that my prior agent sent out as a romance (asking them to make up lists who they might send it to other than romance editors) because I need an agent who will sell both my YAs and my adult fiction.  

2/14/11--I have a final phone call w/each agent to decide which one is best suited to rep all of my genres. I decide on Jenny Bent. She's a little newer to YA, but has already sold clients' books to the big gun YA pubs. Plus, she's been in the publishing business for over 15 years. She's a heavy hitter and deal maker. But most importantly, she's a very eclectic agent with a wide range of contacts, and I'm an eclectic writer who never knows what story will hit me next. Couldn't be a more perfect match. I call Jenny w/ the good news and we squeeeee together. ;-)

Next, I compile emails to let the other two agents know who I've chosen (the HARDEST part). I make sure to mention their best assests, and how difficult the choice was, which is completely true. I'll be sending them Thank You notes in the mail, as well. NEVER burn bridges in this biz.

Whew. So, that's my crazy week/weekend in a nutshell. The unexpected wave of interest was wonderful yet surreal. Every author dreams and hopes, but it can be overwhelming when it happens, and actually, it presents a whole new set of challenges. The other two agents are incredible; I really couldn't have made a wrong choice. So my best option was to be well informed and make an educated choice for my career as a whole. 

Agent goddess and I are doing a final polish of the MS and hope to send it off by the first of March. I'm so excited to be subbing to publishers again! Thanks everyone for your positive vibes. They sure paid off!!

And let this be an encouragement to everyone still seeking their agent ... if it can happen for me, I KNOW it can happen for you. Keep sending out those queries until you find the one who gets your voice and vision. :-)

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